Finding a good pair of budget earphones or headphones is normally an uneasy task, with most results coming up with rubbish variants, that look and sound like their price tag. Well that’s something that a new company called Forte is trying to change with their Impact in-ears, which they released as an early adopter scheme, allowing users to grab a look at the headphones before they launch officially.

Designed with either a rose gold or classic gold casing, the Impact headphones are certainly eye-catching, and thankfully that’s not all, delivering a sound that is often pleasing, and a design that is both comfortable and practical.


Forte Impact review (6 of 9)When I first opened the box to this pair of headphones I found myself impressed, packing their own carrying case and a set of three tips, alongside a neat magnified packaging, the sense that these headphones have been thought about was there before I even put them on.

Once on the Impacts were quite comfortable to wear, even for long periods of use, but despite a range of ear buds I couldn’t stop them from falling out occasionally, which may be due to the earbuds weight, the size of the buds themselves, or just a personal fitting.

And then there was only one other problem that I found with the build, and that is with the single button remote and microphone, which on its basis is a great addition, but I would prefer it if these headphones had three buttons instead of just one, constantly going to my pocket to change the volume was something that I found annoying, and I often found myself trying to use the button to change the volume, only to find that it didn’t have that capacity.

Forte Impact review (9 of 9)

Forte say that one of the Impacts main features is its ability to offer an “enhanced bass strength”, which is in most ways true, but not too overpowering that it ruins the intended sound of the track, with the rest of the range being represented clearly.

That means that the headphones are also pretty good for normal tracks too, with a flat-sounding mid-range, vocals sound clear and crisp, and balanced background music around it, granting a controlled sound that is surprising for a pair of headphones this cheap.

The main problem with the audio from these headphones is their lack of treble, which can sometimes mean that drum or guitar tracks can sound like that their lacking enough punch, however I would still say that instruments sound rich enough that the normal user wouldn’t notice.

Forte Impact review-1 (2 of 5)All in all, the Forte Impacts offer up something a little different from your usual pair of headphones, bringing with it a design that is both visually appealing and eye-catching, alongside a sound quality that offers a good amount of bass that doesn’t ruin normal music, and an overall sound that is definitely decent for this price range.

However when compared to headphones that are just a little more expensive, I might sway towards paying a few extra pounds to get a pair of headphones that offer a sound quality that was just that little bit better.

However if you’re not an audiophile like me, then these headphones are sure to suit you well.

Forte also have a second pair of headphones called Clarity, which they explain as having a “clean and clear sound”, so they might be another option you might want to take a look at, obviously we haven’t got a chance to play with them yet, so couldn’t offer our own opinion on them as of yet.

You can find out more about the Forte Impacts and their current offering at their website here.

Disclosure: Forte sent us this pair of headphones for review purposes.

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