If you are looking forward to Fallout 4 then you might be excited to hear that there is now new Fallout content available, but strangely it not within a Fallout game but in a Forza game.

Now available in Forza Motorsport 6, gamers can try out Fallout content from today with a Fallout-themed 1956 Ford F100 for free.

Mostly its the standard F100 model but with a rusted blue and gold paint job mixed with Fallout logos and branding, although the trailer says it’s “the next best thing to an atomic car: one that runs entirely on gasoline.”

The trailer also teases the release of The Chryslus Rocket 69, which is a dome-topped space car that will be available for Fallout 4 players exclusively on the Xbox One.

Check out that trailer below.


Source: Xbox News Wire

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