A new project has today launched on Kickstarter that artists may be interested in, called Framed it is a platform for digital art, allowing digital artists to create their own artwork on a platform that can then be seen on a physical Framed canvas.

The idea is that a user could select from a number of creations that have been uploaded to the Framed platform, and show them on their own Framed dynamic display, which has a full-HD resolution, and users IPS technology to allow for up to 16.7 million colors, ultra contrast and a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

The display also features a hand-crafted walnut frame which can be customised with a number of custom colour options.

Inside the frame the user will also find a number of sensors that allow the user to interact with it using motion or sound gestures, and with the addition of a smartphone, the User can control the artwork that is display from an iPhone or Android device.

Once launched the frame will support GIFs, video, animation, Flash, Processing, openFrameworks and various other files, all of which can be uploaded to the device from the Framed platform.

But before it is launched the creators need to reach their set goal of $75,000, which they have already at the time of writing.

You can pre-order a Framed device today from Kickstarter, priced at different amounts depending on the size of the frame.

You can also find out more about the platform by watching the video above.

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