Earlier this year a pretty cool service called FreedomPop was launched, which allows you to access 1GB of free 4G internet a month, but up to now it was only compatible with the iPhone, thankfully they have seen sense and today announced the release of an iPod Touch 4G Sleeve.

The service starts everyone with a 1/2GB of the monthly WiMAX service for free, after which you can earn up to 5GB through friend referrals, where you will get 10MB per referral, but there is a catch as always the friend must participate in “partner offers and promotions.”

I’m not to sure how good this service will be, or if it’s worth the pre-order fee of $99, but I will never get to try one anyway as sadly the Uk is still without 4G, I imagine with my internet access bill, 500MB wouldn’t even last my half a day, let alone a month anyway.

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