The US based wireless service, FreedomPop has today announced that they will be expanding their free wireless service out of the US to Europe, launching their SIM-only package across Europe and then eventually beyond.

To kick things off FreedomPop will make its way to Belgium, and will then make its way to the UK, Germany, France and Spain, and then areas in the Pacific Rim, all of which it is expected to roll out to in the coming months, however there’s no specific date yet.

CEO of FreedomPop Stephen Stokols did however tell TechCrunch that they will expand to a total of seven more countries by the end of the year, continuing to state the following:

“We will lead with the same plan we offer in US: 500 MB free, 200 voice minutes free, 500 texts free, the paid plan pricing will be competitive but not locked down yet.” He also mentioned that the service will cover both mobile handset-based services and mobile broadband services.

However it will not be rolled out as it is run in the US, launching without network-compatible handsets, and instead with SIM-only plans, which Stokols continued to explain with the following:

“Euro markets are not as device-centric as the U.S. [so] we will be SIM only initially, which allows us to turn on new markets quickly, and we don’t have to deal with device procurement and logistics.”

You can find out more about the expansion at the links below.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: FreedomPop

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