Tomorrow DICE will be releasing the winter update for the Battlefield 1 game, but ahead of that launch, they have revealed some new details about that upcoming update.

With the launch, DICE will be improving the progression system and fixing various bugs in the game, with an increase to the maximum class rank from 10 to 50 it will provide you with many more opportunities to play the game longer.

When you hit the ranks 20, 30, 40, and 50 you will also get some new dog tags and customisation options for your Battlefield 1 kill card.

They will also be bringing Ribbons back with the winter update, which you have to specifically target to work towards and reward you with a ribbon and bonus experience upon completion. With the update, there will be 20 more of these to choose from.

Rented servers will also get a new kick and ban option, with the ability to turn on map voting that will allow players to choose between two maps on the victory screen to play next.

And that’s still not all, the update will also bring new UI, new vehicles, and some weapon changes, however, they did not fully detail those changes.

They will be releasing patch notes later, so we will update you then.

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