G-Shock have released their latest wristwatch to make normal watches look pointless, the Bluetooth Low Energy Shock Watch (as you might have guessed by the name) connects up to your iPhone and allows you to set-up various features you would never normally be available.

The watch can sync the time automatically via the Bluetooth connection, as well as set up alerts for incoming calls and emails as well as a Find Me function in which alarm and vibration functions on the iPhone using buttons on the watch itself, to silence the vibration you can simply double tap the face and the alert will be dismissed.

The watch will also show a notification when the phone is out of range and will automatically adjust itself to the correct time zone using data from the iPhone.

Probably the coolest part of the watch is that it has a great low power consumption which allows you to use all of these features with just a single ordinary button-cell battery, there’s no recharging needed and Casio say that the battery will last around two years with 12 hours of Bluetooth communication.

The watch will be available in four colours, grey, blue, brown and white and is water-resistant up to 200M and will be available in the US today for $180, not sure on any UK pricing or availability however.

Source: G-Shock

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