We have seen many leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s hardware, including that new Infinity Edge design that looks to show an uber-thin bezel along with a display that seems to wrap around the outer shell of the smartphone, however, we haven’t seen much in terms of its software, well until today.

Today a set of screenshots were leaked by SamMobile, showing what is said to be the home screen of the upcoming device.

These screenshots came from a leaked version of Samsung’s upcoming Smart Switch app, which users will reportedly use to transition their contacts, calendars, apps, documents, and photos of their old Galaxy smartphone to the new Galaxy S8.

They show what we presume to be a version of Android 7.1x, but interestingly, it seems to show a home screen without an app drawer.

We can also see a clean icon design with colourful, yet simple icon art along with broken and abstract lines for the main design of the application icon, but without any text.

None of this is at all official just yet, however, if real it could show that Samsung will be going for an iOS-esk design, where the icons, folders, and widgets live on the various home screens, instead of within an app drawer.

We will update you with the official news when Samsung reveals it during their Unpacked event on March 29th.

In the meantime, you can check out those screenshots at the source link below.

Source: SamMobile

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