Ahead of its September release date, Game Informer has provided us with another look at the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny.

This is part of a huge spread that Game Informer are releasing about the expansion over the next few weeks, starting with the cover art for their magazine’s next issue, which can be seen in the image above.

In case you don’t already know about it, Rise of Iron is the third and final planned expansion for the first Destiny game and comes with a ton of new content for players to explore, including a brand new storyline and an area to explore called The Plaguelands.

On top of that, the DLC will also come with a range of new weapons and armor sets, an arena called Archon’s Forge, new Crucible PvP content and a brand new raid called Wrath of the Machine.

And Game Informer weren’t finished there, they also released a range of new details about the upcoming DLC, we have split them into segments below.


One of the new features in Rise of Iron is the changes to the artifacts segment on armour for character’s in Destiny.

In Rise of Iron, players will be greeted with a total of eight new artifacts, all of which are available for each and every subclass and class and will include skills from one of the deceased Iron Lords, Felwinter, Jolder, or Skorri. At the center of artifact acquisition is a new character named Tyra Karn, who will send players into the Plaguelands to complete tasks and acquire artifacts.

You will get to choose between one of these once every week.

With each once you will get a different ability, one will provide the ability to melee enemy unit to gain their allegiance, the second removes your super but gives you two grenades, two melees and increases all of your stats, with much more from the other 6 artifacts. You can also combine artifacts with exotic weapons, armor, and subclasses for more build options.

Level Cap

Game Informer also revealed that the character level will remain at 40, however, the light level cap will be raised from 335 up to 285, and then increased to a further 400 when the hard version of the raid launches after the launch of Rise of Iron.

New Gear

The Rise of Iron expansion will also include a ton of new rare, legendary and exotic gear to acquire, which will directly link to getting to that level cap.

Bungie will add a number of weapons and armor sets in the DLC, with a new Iron Banner PvP event to get gear from, as well as from the Record Book, Trials of Osiris, the new Wrath of the Machine raid and the new Archon’s Forge arena event.

There’s also the addition of ornaments, which allows players to “enhance the geometry and appearance of  individual armor pieces, as well as change the appearance of exotic weapons” according to Game Informer.

New Progression

Interestingly, Game Informer also mentioned that there will be a record book in this DLC that will track your progress through the expansion.

It will be done in a similar way to the record books from the Year Two Moments of Triumph, or from SRL. Completing tasks will provide you with percentage completion to that record book, once you reach designated percentage completion points you will gain new armor, emblems, and more according to Game Informer.

Release Date and more

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be released on September 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in the meantime, you can check out Game Informer’s trailer, and be sure to hit up the source links to read more from Game Informer.

Sources: Game Informer (cover story), Game Informer (Artifacts), Game Informer (Storyline)

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