Recently the UK retailer GAME have gotten into a bit of trouble recently leaving administrators to take over the business, the administrator’s job is to basically strip a business down until it can pay all of the debts it owes.

Due to this GAME recently deactivated all Reward Cards ready for closure, which now seems like a wrong move as the administrators have now reactivated them, informed via two tweets from GAME customers can sleep easy knowing they will be able to spend those last few points:
GAME’s administrators have reactivated the retailer’s Reward Cards.

“Your Reward Cards have now been reactivated by the Administrators for redemption against pre-owned stock.”

As you see however there is now a catch only allowing you to use any points you have on pre-owned stock, which was further explained in a second tweet from the store:

“This means that points can be earned on all products AND redeemed against pre-owned items as of now.”

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