The retailer GAME has recently stopped selling the fatter Xbox 360 consoles due to their “high failure rates”, they will still accept trade-ins for cash or store credit, but you will no longer be able to purchase the older 360 consoles console in store, these include the Core, Arcade and the 20GB non-HDMI consoles.

If your wondering this will apply to both Game and its sister store Gamestation, Eurogamer got a statement from a Game spokesperson:

“As of Saturday 3rd September we will not be selling Pre-owned Xbox 360 Cores, Arcades and 20GB non HDMIs. This is due to the high failure rate of the console and the difficulty and cost of repairing them.

“We will continue to trade these consoles in but they will need to be sent back to the DC as a regular faulty return where they will exit the business.”

Personally I thought this might have happened a long time ago, as these consoles are known for the “red ring of death”, which become so widespread that in 2007, Microsoft extended the console’s warranty program for all consoles affected by this issue, and set aside a massive $1 billion pounds just to repair the faulty machines.

What do you think? Did you ever own a console with the red ring of death? Have you currently got one of these consoles?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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