If you haven’t had a chance to watch game of Thrones yet you should really try to get a chance to, the series that was the best-selling TV series on Blu-Ray and DVD this year will soon launch into its third season where we will finally get a chance to find out more about those pesky whitewalkers.

But before that HBO have announced that the complete second season of the series will be making its way to Blu-Ray and available for Digital Download from February 19th 2012 in the U.S.

The Blu-ray will be available in five discs at $79.98 whereas if you prefer you can pick up the DVD for $59.9, at the moment were not sure when or fr how much the set will be launching here in the UK or anywhere else for that matter but we will let you know if we find out.

But before you leave make sure to check out the series 3 teaser trailer for the new series at this link as it looks awesome.

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