Now that they have completed the second season of The Walking Dead, TellTale Games are ready to tease the release of their upcoming video game adaptation of the Game of Thrones TV series.

It’s a bit of a storyception really, given that the popular HBO series was also adapted from the A Song of Ice and Fire books.

But getting back to to the game in question, the new teaser trailer was released alongside a Tweet from Telltale Games with a quote from the fifth volume of A Song of Fie which is titled A Dance with Dragons, here’s the quote:

”…trackers and hunters sworn to Deepwood with clan names like Forrester and Woods, Branch and Bole.”

This is interesting as it ma mean that in the game Telltale will be focusing on Deepwood Motte, which is a small castle that has a very limited presence in the books, ut could get more regonition in the game alongside an emphasis on the Forrester clan.

However this is just speculation at the moment and until Telltale Games release the first chapter of the game at the end of 2014 we won’t really know anything more.

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