Originally it was stated that Game of Thrones season 5 will launch in the US on Sunday the 12th of April, and then in other countries like the Uk just a day later on Monday the 13th of April.

We now have some good news for you.

HBO has decided that instead of having separate launch dates for the two, they would simply release the fifth season of Game of Thrones worldwide on the same day.

This means that the series will now debut in 170 countries around the world on the 12th of April.

Considering that Game of Thrones is currently the most pirated show in the world, this could be a decision that HBO has made in order to avoid the show being pirated in such large numbers, as if the show was released on separate dates its likely those who don’t reside in the US will pirate it for an early showing.

This is however good news for the consumer, hopefully it rubs off on other shows too.

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