Today Game UK announced that they will be opening concession stores in WHSmith stores later this year, with a plan to expand and diversify its store base.

Game plans to also close some of their smaller stores, whilst opening in larger locations to work with a new store scheme that will host gaming arenas. They are doing this because of some recent market conditions, which was a year-on-year profit drop of 81% for this year.

Opening concessions like these is hoped to be a more cost-effective way of maintaining a high-street presence, without having to maintain entire stores.

However, Game isn’t giving up on its own stores.

They will be launching a set of large flagship stores that will not only sell a range of gaming software, hardware, and merchandise, but also host Game’s gaming arenas, which will host fan events, eSports competitions, and other gaming experiences.

The concession stores will provide a more focused range of products.

At the moment, this is simply a trial for Game. They will be rolling out a number of the new concession stores later this year.

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