Gameloft have launched a new iOS wireless gaming controller, that can connect the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch via a Bluetooth controller, which is set to begin shipping, allowing you to control any of the Gameloft games you may have your device.

The Duo Gamer packs two analog joysticks, six buttons, four of which on the front and two on top of the controller, alongside a thumb pad. The controller also comes packed with a stand for your iPad, allowing you to tilt the tablet to your preferred viewing angle.

The titles the Duo Gamer will be compatible with from launch include, Asphalt 7: Heat, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, N.O.V.A 3, Order & Chaos Online and Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, all of which can be downloaded onto you’re device via the iTunes App Store.

The Duo Gamer controller will be available from Amazon, Apple and other big retailers for around $80.

Alognside the Duo Gamer, Gameloft also launched the Duo Pinball which has been built specifically for vertical gameplay, meaning it will only work with a select number of games.

Either side of the controller there’s two buttons, which as you can probably guess are for the two flippers, alongside which there’s also a spring-loaded pulley firing thingy at the front, used to hit the ball on the first turn.

The Duo Pinball will be available from the same places as the Gamer, but will only cost around $50.

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