Respawn has kicked off its testing for Titanfall, sending out invitations to select users to conduct a “technical test” for the Xbox One version of the game, since which time one of the chosen users has posted a selection of videos on their Dailymotion channel showing off some of the test gameplay.

We have embedded all of the videos below, but before you go watch them, we should probably note that the resolution of these videos is extremely poor, this is due to the game textures of the game being reduced to reduced to 25 per cent for the test, as tweeted by one of the games programmers, Rayme Vinson who also tweeted that “Leaked pics don’t represent final game.” and “If you see a 256×256 texture in the Alpha, it’s actually a 512×512 texture in the real game. It’ll be 4x bigger.”

Anyway check out the leaked videos below, and quietly wait for the game to launch in March for the PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

tf by Shyakugaun

Titanfall Alpha Gameplay by Fran78888

titanfall closed alpha offscreen by FFXthebest

Via: Eurogamer

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