Reymond Cox, known as Stallion83 on Xbox Live, hit 1 million Gamerscore on Twitch yesterday, breaking a record for the Xbox Live service, well an unofficial world record anyway.

According to the gamer it has taken him eight years, three months to break this record, after which time he hit the 1 million mark at 2:35am EST 13 March whilst playing Titanfall on his Twitch stream.

He will however need to get official confirmation from the Guinness World Records before he officially gets his record.

You can check out the event on Stallion83’s Twitch account, skip to 3:47:30 to see the exact point at which he hits the number.

Titanfall was released in the US yesterday for the Xbox One and the PC, and will launch in the UK for the same two tomorrow. It will also launch on March 28th for the Xbox 360.

Via: Joystiq

Source: Stallion83 (Twitch)

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