Games Britannia: Replayed is a brand new gaming expo set to hit Sheffield’s Magna arena, to celebrate 40 years of the British videogame industry the expo will bring some of the biggest games from this year’s E3 right to the UK over the course of the 7th and 8th of July 2012, giving those who missed the US convention to check out this one instead, within the expo you will get the chance to try the newest upcoming games and consoles for yourself.

With some of the biggest names appearing like Nintendo and Namco who will all be bringing some of their greatest games of the year including Inversion, Ben 10 Omniverse, Ni No Kuni, Tales of Graces F and Madagascar 3, alongside Namco and Nintendo Sumo Digital will also be attending the event and will be previewing Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing alongside Dr Who Adventures and Outrun 2006.

As well as that SUMO Digital’s Executive Producer of the SEGA franchise will be around the SUMO stand to take any questions about both the game’s development and some more details of what to expect from the title when it releases this Christmas.

As previously mentioned Nintendo will also be attending the event, bringing with them the Nintendo Unleashed Tour, which will feature some of the newest 3DS and Wii games.

But that’s not all as they will also be setting up a UKIE Indie Zone which will feature various games, some of which have not even hit the UK yet and include Redshirt, Gunpoint, Magestic-12 and Girls Like Robots, oh and a little game called Minecraft will also be attending who will also be bringing along some of the developers who designed the Minecraft EDU modifications for education.

Featured during the show there will also be various speakers, tournaments and challenges throughout the day with a set of prizes for the taking. Oh and if you’re not a fan of video games there will also be a board games section featuring various well board games.

And if the games aren’t a reason to attend the expo the speakers defiantly are, including Football Manager’s Kevin Tom who will be talking with Miles Jacobson OBE to mark 30 years of Football Manager, as well as Martin Hollis, Karl Hilton from Crytek and Eurocom’s Tony Wills all on the topic of the James Bond franchise, revealing the making of Golden Eye 007.

You can book your tickets today from the Magna Center’s website which are extremely cheap for this kind of event costing £10 for an adult day, £8 for a child and if you have 2 of each £28 for a Family Day, when booking you will be able to choose what ticket you want and the day you would like to attend either the 7th or the 8th.

Included after the price there will also be a £1.50 booking fee, for which 50p will be donated by the Magna Center to the disabled children’s charity, SpecialEffect.

Let us know if you’ll be attending this years Games Britannia expo, if you are we will see you there.

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