Microsoft has this week announced the games that will be included in its Games with Gold program for August, granting users who subscribe to Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 a selection of free games.

In August these games will include a number of titles.

Kicking off with the Xbox One, users will be able to grab Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut and Crimson Dragon for free in August, available to download via the Xbox Games Store on the Xbox One.

If you still have an Xbox 360 don’t worry, you will still get both Dishonoured and Motocross Madness in August for free on the Xbox 360.

Crimson Dragon originally launched on the Xbox One on day one, and is basically a fast-paced fail shooter that can be played with up to three other people. Stike Suit Zero: Directors Cut is a game that received full funding on Kickstarter and sees the player become a pilot who must make their way through a number of space battles.

All of these games will be available for the enter month of August, with Xbox One getting both games at once, and the Xbox 360 getting one for the first 15 days and the second for the remaining 15 days.

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