The UK Chancellor, George Osborne has today announced that games will be awarded UK tax breaks if they feature characters, locations of use development staff from the UK.

Games added to the list must achieve a score of 16 point to qualify,four of which can be awarded depending on the games contribution  to the promotion, development or enhancement of British culture, which has not been explained to well.

Another four points can then be awarded based on the percentage of the game that is set within the UK or EEA states, along with another four based on the number of characters from these same locations.

And then there’s another four up for grabs if the game features a story or tale that relates to an EEA state or a location within the UK, after which more points can also be added for a game’s use of the English language.

Developers can then gain even more points if they were developed largely within the UK.

Source: Eurogamer

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