Gamescom is easily Europe’s largest gaming event, it happens every year at an event in Cologne, Germany and has been building its reputation over that time to become something that is regularly covered across media.

This year, Gamescom will open up for the press on August 22nd and for the public on August 26th, both the press and the public will be able to attend up until the show closes on August 26th.

And you will also find out more before the doors open via a set of live streams and announcements that will take place from August 20th.

We expect to see a lot during this Gamescom 2017 event, from more about the Xbox One X to some updates about the games that we have seen during previous E3 events.

Here’s a full listing about what we expect from the event:


Every year Microsoft is one of the biggest attendees of Gamescom and pretty much every other gaming event.

This year will be no different and we expect to see a lot from the company during their live show that they have planned for Sunday, August 20 at 9pm CEST/12pm PDT/ 8pm BST.

During that time, Microsoft will share new news about what they are planning for the Xbox platform as well as the games that will be running on it.

Of course, one of the biggest features that we expect to see is the Xbox One X.

We already heard a lot about this console back at E3 and before it, however, we expect that there might be a few details that Microsoft have kept in their pockets for this event.

We also expect to see some more about games that will launch for the Xbox One X and the Xbox One platform such as Forza Motorsport 7.

Interestingly, Microsoft has said that they will host a live event the day after this main event, which will be dedicated to the Age of Empires series in celebration of its 20th anniversary.

They will be looking back at the history of this series during this event and look at the upcoming Definitive Edition game, with a new gameplay release that shows the new 4 remaster of the game.

On top of that, Microsoft will be hosting the Xbox Fan Fest on August 22nd, however, we don’t know much about the event just yet.


Sadly, it doesn’t seem as though Sony will have much activity during Gamescom like previous years, however, we do expect that there might be some news about games that will be launched on the PlayStation platform.

They have booked a booth in Hall 7, so there might be some new game footage and demos to view.


There are a few games that we are waiting to see more about from Bethesda, including more news about games such as the upcoming Dishonored standalone release, more about the Switch version of Skyrim, Wolfenstein II, and The Evil Within 2.

We might also see more about Quake Champions and Elder Scrolls Online.


We should also see more about games that are coming from Ubisoft.

We still need to see much more games from Ubisoft, probably most importantly is probably the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2, which was definitely one of the biggest announcements from this year’s E3, and we hope to see more during Gamescom.

And that’s not all.

We also hope to see more of Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed origins and some of the other games from Ubisoft such as the update to the Just Dance series.


We haven’t heard much about Nintendo’s plans for Gamescom, however, they have been confirmed as an attendee of the show, but we don’t expect to see a press conference from the company.

We should see their regular Nintendo Direct live streams from events.

During these streams, we hope to see a lot more the games from the company including some new titles for the Switch, Super Mario Odyssey, Kirby, Pokemon, and Metroid Prime 4.

We could also see more about the Virtual Console for the switch, as well as more about the online services for the console.


EA has confirmed that they will be hosting a live event on Monday, August 21 at 6.30 pm CET/9.30 am PDT/ 5.30 pm BST.

And EA has a lot to reveal more about the games that EA has previously revealed during other conferences, which includes Star Wars Battlefront II, FIFA 18, Battlefield 1’s upcoming DLC, and Need for Speed Payback.

On top of that, we also hope to see more about The Sims 4, which was recently confirmed for release on consoles.

The Rest

We also hope to see more about Gwent from CD Projekt Red during the show, who confirmed that they will be hosting a Gwent torunament during the event in which 8 players will compete for a section of the $25,000 prize pool.

We should also hear more about Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy 15, the prequel to Life is Strange, and much more than that.

We will keep you updated with all of this as it happens.

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