Garmin has this week unveiled a new smartwatch and activity tracking wearable today, the Vivoactive HR and the Vivofit 3.

The Vivoactive HR is the smartwatch, featuring GPS, activity tracking and heart rate monitoring, all with capabilities to show notifications, making it a full sports watch that combines GPS tracking with smartwatch features.

With it’s sensors the HR can track the user’s steps, runs, cycling, golf, swimming and more, as well as show notifications about calls, message and data from other applications such as WhatsApp.

It also has access to the Garmin Connect IQ store to allow for access to even more apps for the smartwatch, as well as more features like custom watchfaces.

The activity tracker is the Vivofit 3, which is capable of measuring the user’s steps, calories, sleep and exercise, with capability with Move IQ to automatically detect activity and intensity minutes, with functions to track swimming and running activity.

It also has a battery that is said to last a year, with interchangeable straps.

We don’t yet know about the pricing or release date for either of the devices, however, we expect that MWC 2016 will reveal more next week.

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