Garmin have today announced during CES 2013, the release of the new Garmin Edge 810 and Garmin Edge 610 cycle computers.

The Edge 810 is the bigger version of the two with a 2.6 inch display for displaying both street-level navigation and advanced training features, which can be coupled with the built-in GPS technology allowing the Edge 810 to track your trips with great precision.

There’s also new compatibility with ANT+, allowing you to link the device with other sensors to measure heart rate, cadence, power etc.

There’s even new Bluetooth connectivity allowing the device to connect with an iPhone or Android handset where the user can view data on a larger screen and even share the data live, the Edge 810 will also be able to use your mobile data connection to display things like the weather, and as its waterproof and ruggedized for protection the 810 can last in a ton of situations.

The Edge 910 will be available in two versions, one priced at $499.99 and another priced at $699.99 this package will however include US maps, a heart rate monitor and cadence sensor within a bundle.

That’s not all however as Garmin also announced the Edge 510, which is a tad more affordable at $329 or $399.99 with the performance bundle.

The 510 is quite similar with ANT+ compatibility, Bluetooth and it includes the same touchscreen, however it will not be compatible with GPS or GLOSNASS satellites.

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