At IFA this year, Garmin unveiled a ton of new technologies, most recently they unveiled the new Garmin Venice Chronic.

The new smart watch has been designed to be premium, available with a stainless steel and and steel housing for $1000, or with a leather band.  Or you can set aside $1500 for a version with a titanium housing and band.

And because of this build quality,  the Fenix Chronos looks good,  whilst aiming itself at the sports market.

Inside of the watch,  you will find GPS,  a heart rate monitor,  a pedometer, altimeter, barometer and a compass.

This all helps it track swimming,  golf, skiing and other activities.

It can also connect to Garmon’s Connect IQ app store,  allowing you to add more functionality. To display these it has a 1.2-inch always-on display that can be read in sunlight.

It also has a battery that is said to last up to 1 week,  or 13 hours when using GPS.

The Garmin Fenix Chronos will be available in the US and the UK at some point in Q3 2016.

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