Garmin has today revealed pricing for their new Garmin Vivofit fitness watch that they unveiled at CES earlier this month, launching in the UK in March, the Garmin Vivofit will be available for £99.99 in a range of colours that includes black, purple, blue, slate and teal.

The band will also be available with a small and large adjustable bracelet.

Allowing the user to set personalised fitness goals and track their progress as they go, the Vivofit will remind you when you should be working out, featuring a curved display that can show you measurements for the number of steps you have taken and the distance you have covered as well as the calories you have burned.

The display will also let you know how well you are progressing towards your daily goal, as well as tell you the time and let you know how well you are sleeping.

Garmin say that the band will last over a year with the included replaceable batteries and is water-resistant up to 50m, as well as being compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitors.

Source Garmin

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