Today Wareable claimed to have a hands-on image of the upcoming update to Garmin’s Vivosmart fitness tracker, the Vivosmart 3.

This new image shows the Vivosmart 3 shows three areas of the new fitness tracker, showing the back, front, and the side of the rumoured fitness tracker.

Of course, we don’t know how real these images are just yet, however, there’s no reason to doubt that they aren’t.

Sadly, they don’t show us much about the device, we can see what seems to be a heart rate monitor on the back, along with a thin body, and a screen on the front that could possibly be OLED, however, Wearable did suggest that the screen will be different than the one pictured when released.

We also expect to see GPS functionality in the fitness tracker, along with some other smart features such as the ability to show notifications for calls and texts, however, we don’t know much more than what we have previously mentioned.

It has been said that the device will be released for around £170, however, we don’t know details about that yet either.

As soon as we hear about the official news we will update you.

Source: Wearable

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