Over the last few years standing desks have gone from a cool idea to a necessity, it has been proven by many trusted sources that sitting down in one place for too long is harmful to your health.

But does this mean that all standing desks are great? Well, one manufacturer thinks that they have come up with the best.

Called the Gaze Desk, it is a standing desk that claims to be the smartest available.

They say that this is possible via the companion application that they have developed, which will persuade users to keep using the desk, help them track their progress, and gain various achievements.

With the application, a user will set pre-determined calorie loss goals, the desk will then use a set of sensors to detect the user’s position and track how well they are doing with these goals.

It also features a height memory function, with pre-set standing and sitting adjustment controls.

Check out via the video below for a quick look at it.

Also be sure to hit up the source link below to find out more about Gaze Desk and back the project if you are interested.

Source: Kickstarter

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