Some time ago Google released their GBoard keyboard app on iOS,  but it didn’t make its way to Android for reason that we don’t yet know about yet.

Today we have news that it is finally available to download on Android, well sort of, it’s actually an update to the previously available Android app, Google Keyboard, which was updated to version 6.0 today, bringing with it all of the GBoard features that we got with the iOS version, and more.

In essence, it is still the Google Keyboard, but it also brings Google Search to that keyboard, with the ability to search for places, restaurants, and a lot more, and then bring all of that data to your conversations.

Oh and it also makes bringing GIFs into those conversations a lot easier.

Here’s the full list of features:

  • GIF search, available in supporting apps
  • Multilingual typing:Auomatically switch between your enabled languages while typing
  • Streaming autocorrect: Autocorrect last two words based on context
  • Predictive search:Search suggestions based on what you type
  • Default number row (turn on in Keyboard Settings)
  • 36 new languages

Check it out in the video below and be sure to hit up the source link below that to download the app today.

Source: Google Play Store

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