The UK’s surveillance agency, GCHQ revealed their plans to build a national firewall in the UK, it was proposed by the director general of cyber at GCHQ, Ciaran Martin at the Billington cybersecurity conference in Washington.

During this conference, he revealed that around 200 cyber security incidents are detected every month, and that number is growing to double the amount of threats identified when compared to last year. He said that most of these are from malware that is installed on computers of users who visit malicious sites that have disguised themselves as the site the user trusted.

Which is one of the biggest reasons that we enabled HTTPS on TechNutty, and why Google is pushing its implementation across the web.

GCHQ aims to do this on a national scale by building Martin’s “flasgship project”, which will scale up DNS filtering and allow ISPs to block their customers from accidentally finding themselves on one of these malware sites.

To start off with, the plan would be launched to protect government sites and other industries which are possible risks to national security, however, the GCHQ also plans to extend firewall protection to any major private company that has express interest.

GCHQ hopes that some of these private companies would be the internet service providers in the UK. Of course, some user’s wouldn’t want their data being snooped on by the government, and so it’s likely that this kind of implementation would be opt-in.

It’s definitely an interesting idea, and could be helpful to anyone who doesn’t know how to secure themselves on the internet, however, at the moment, it is only in its early stages. When we hear more, we will let you know.

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