Today General Electric (GE) unveiled a cleverly named smart light called Sol.

The light was revealed by GE today as part of their new C series that they debuted back in December of last year and is basically one-half a smart lamp and one-half a personal assistant.

That latter half is particularly interesting because it means that you get access to Amazon Alexa right from the lamp, in the same way that it is found inside of the Amazon Echo or the Amazon Echo Dot.

With this, you can not only control the lighting of the lamp but also use voice control in the same way that you would with the echo, with everything from getting the weather to controlling your smart home tech.

However, that’s not all the only thing that’s unique about Sol.

Sol also has a unique design that matches the shape and function of the sun, with an atmospheric and an almost Dyson-esk ring of light.

That light can also act as a visual clock with a sleep enhancing light function.

It’s pretty darn sleek.

General Electric are offering pre-orders for the new Sol lamp today with a 20% discount on top.

It will then launch in September in the US for $199, or around £150, which makes it a pretty viable option an Amazon Echo, which is only about $20 cheaper, without the light.

Unfortunately, we don’t know about UK pricing or availability just yet.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: General Electric

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