EE has this week announced a new modem that has been designed to allow for 4G WiFi access in the car, essentially turning your car into a WiFi hotspot.

The device is called the EE Buzzard, and uses a 4G LTE connection from the company.

To work the EE Buzzard will need to be plugged into your cars 12V connection, after which the modem will allow the user to connect up to 10 devices to it via WiFi.

As an added extra, the Buzzard will also feature a storage container that has been designed to fit into your cars cup holder.

The EE Buzzard will be available from EE retail stores and from their website for £49.99 on a pay as you go scheme, after which you can join it with any of the companies 4G contracts.

The company also announced a number of 4G hotspots, including the EE Kite and the EE Osprey.

You can find out more  about all of them at the link below.

Source EE

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