So I was browsing Product Hunt and found something that may interest you guys.

Called BlackPods, it is a new service that is looking to customise people’s AirPods with a white finish, which is particularly interesting because the white design of the AirPods is something that a lot of people may hate.

They customise every pair of AirPods they get sent with a hand-finished Black overlay by a team of “skilled artisans in Brooklyn, NY” according to the company.

They are offering customers with the ability to either purchase a set of BlackPods straight out, or they will allow you to send your existing pair of white AirPods in to be painted.

We are unsure of the quality of this finish as they are a start up, and they don’t seem to have any actual product images (the images above are only renders.)

On top of that, they are pretty expensive, priced at $99 if you send you own pair in or $249 if you buy from them directly, and normally the AirPods are $159, so that’s quite the markup, hopefully, that means a decent finish.

If you are interested in picking up a pair or just want to take a look then go ahead and hit up the source link below.

Via: Product Hunt

Source: BlackPods

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