Anyone who has looked into it before will know that camera stabilizing rigs can be quite an expensive product to buy, however they are mostly essential if you want to create a professional looking film or video.

However there is one product that might suit your Stedicam needs, called The Ghost, it is a new project that has just hit Kickstarter, aiming to bring camera stabilization to the masses.

Programmed to stay level, The Ghost is fully robotic to make filming an easier process, alongside which it has also been made from lightweight and durable materials, primarily with carbon fibre, The Ghost is so lightweight that its Kickstarter page claims that “even a child can operate it”.

the ghost stedicam 1

And there’s still one more thing up The Ghost’s sleeve as it can also be used in conjunction with a multi-rotored helicopter for use with over the air shots, and for all our readers over the pond, it is also designed, machined and fabricated in the US.

For more information on The Ghost, head over to their Kickstarter page where you can also place a pledge to support the campaign.

Or if you prefer, check out the video below first.

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