Gibson has this week released a range of podcasting microphones that they think will catch your eye, called Gibson Neat they will be available to purchase from November 15th for $99.

Their main feature is the design, it’s the first thing you will notice with three retro-futuristic designs available, but it also comes with some other speakers that make it great for podcasting.

Specifically Gibson think you will use it for things like Skype, tracking instruments and vocals with 96kHz/34 bit audio.

Gibson calls the designs Widgets, all of which are brightly coloured and feature adjustable hight shock mounts, a pop filter and a USB connection.

The new Microphones will be available from a range of stores in the US including Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon from November 15th, but there’s no worldwide information as of yet.

You can find out more about the new microphones at the source link below.

Source: Gibson

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