Gibson has today unveiled a new cable for the guitar that will record music from your instrument whilst transmitting audio to your amp, no extra stuff needed.

This is thanks to a new partnership with the audio recording specialist Tascam, allowing them to create what they are calling the Memory Cable, which can record up to 13 hours of playing at CD quality, resulting in a 44.1kHz/ 16-bit sound WAV files that can them be uploaded to recording software via the included microSD card.

The cable itself is 16 feet in length, and comes with a 4GB microSD card, to get power the cable will also use a LR44 battery for the clock that will last about a year, and a  single AA battery that said to last about 8 hours.

The cable can handle instruments that includes guitars, bass, drum machines, synthesisers and other electrical instruments.

The Gibson Memory Cable will be available for $100 in May.

Via: Engadget

Source: Gibson

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