The UK based mobile carrier GiffGaff has this week announced the launch of a new 4G LTE service in the UK, now available to new and existing customers as part of a new set of plans that start at £12 a month.

For that price you will get 1GB of 4G data and 500 minutes of UK based calls. They will also be offering a second plan for £18 a month which will offer 5GB of 4G data and 1,000 minutes of UK calls. All of there plans also come with unlimited texts and free GiffGaff to GiffGaff calls.

Here’s what GiffGaff said about the new 4G service:

“Ready to go 4G with giffgaff? Well now you can. Unleash the full power of your mobile phone and experience fast emailing, browsing and download speeds of up to 5x faster than before.

That means less time buffering videos, more gaming on the go and turbo music streaming the next time you want to groove to a beat.

To get started you’ll need a SIM, 4G-ready phone and coverage in your area. That, and a giffgaff goodybag that you can tailor to your personal needs, and you’re off!”

In order to chose one of the new plans you simply need a 4G enabled smartphone like the iPhone 6, Note 4 or many other different deices, then you can use your current GiffGaff sim, or order a new one and then simply load one of the new 4G Goodybags to it.

You can find out more at the link below.

Source: GiffGaff

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