From reading the title of this post the first thing you are probably thinking is, what is GiffGaff? GiffGaff is a UK-based mobile phone network that provides extraordinary deals that are not provided by any other network inside the UK.

If you know your mobile phone network deals your probably thinking this isn’t another Blyk thing that’s going to close down, well no it isn’t (hopefully).

GiffGaff is also run on O2’s network, meaning you can benefit from O2’s great infrastructure and signal quality, at a fraction of the price, seriously you will be amazing be the pricing schemes this company offers you. Anyway getting to the important stuff, what GiffGaff actually charge.

Before I joined GiffGaff I was spending £10 a month for unlimited texts and a bitesize data allowance of 500MB, from O2, now granted I am still spending £10 a month, but with GiffGaff I am receiving, 250 minutes of call time to any UK network, unlimited texts and unlimited internet, but that is not all I also get FREE calls and texts to anyone else on GiffGaff.

I now crazy right, I bet your thinking that this is all too good to be true, maybe the other charges are expensive, well they are cheap too, calls are free to GiffGaffers otherwise it is 8p a minute, a text is also free to a fellow GiffGaffer but otherwise, it will cost you a minute 4p, which I believe is one of the cheapest rates available, don’t believe me? Check out this table:

And not only that if you sign yourself up via this link, you will receive £5 free credit once you activate, from which after you have activated you can continue by creating your own wonderful links, getting yourself £5 free pound every time someone signs up.

Once you have signed up you will have to top-up, or buy a package/ goody bag, to activate your sim, the top-up is simple, you can top up anywhere above a £5, adding a ‘goody bag’ is where it gets exciting:

As you can see there is a large range to choose from, to suit your personal needs, just pick the one you want and you are off. GiffGaff is most probably the best mobile network you can get for your phone, especially if it is an internet junky (I know mine is), with GiffGaff you can receive the same brilliant service you expect from other networks like O2, at a huge fraction of the price.

I bet you have been told a lot in your life that nothing in life is free, well some things actually are, just click the link below in order sign-up for your GiffGaff sim card and get your free five pounds credit today.

If you have any questions about the service, fell free to drop us a line in the comments, someone will answer your question ASAP.

Get a free Giffgaff Sim

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