It hasn’t been long since Gigabyte first launched their new Aero 15 gaming laptops, however, it seems as though there could already be some problems with this device.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed by Gigabyte yet, we are seeing reports that models of the Aero 15 have been recalled due to some safety issues with what people claim to be with the large 94Wh battery.

TechPowerUp wrote the following about the reported recall:

It would seem that this battery is capable of bringing problems to the user, and potentially put their safety at risk. Just one week after release, Gigabyte is recalling their Aero 15 laptops. A user on Reddit brought the issue to the community, saying that a Gigabyte rep he contacted informed him the Aero 15’s have a battery fault.

As you can tell, the report noted someone on Reddit, who has since removed the post, so this could just be a prank and it’s possible that TechPowerUp has taken the bait.

The Reddit poster also mentioned this in the comments shortly after:

Just spoke with Gigabyte and it turns out there was a miscommunication with scan. They aren’t doing a recall of the Aero 15’s so no need to send it back. Wish I’d known that before deleting everything off of it but never mind.

So we would say that this isn’t very official right now and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

That said if you are worried that you should get in touch with the retailer that you purchased your Aero 15 from, or get in touch with Gigabyte directly.

We will be sure to update you as this develops.

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