Gioteck have today unveiled their latest gaming accessory for the PS3, a new controller named the GC-2 Wireless Controller, that features juxtaposed joysticks made for more natural finger positions and perfected for longer gaming sessions, there’s two rumble motors allowing you to feel every collision, explosion and tackle, mixed with the turbo function for faster firing.

Powered by a lithium battery that can last for over 100 hours of game time, which can be extended even further with-disabled sleep mode. There’s also pressure sensitive buttons that can be used to offer different movement and actions from the same button.

The GC-2 is available from for $39.99 from today, with a Wii U version launching in the US between mid and late April.

Check out the press release for more info.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]TAKE CONTROL OF THE OPPOSITION WITH THE NEW

Designed by gamers for gamers using high-quality components

Gioteck, the award-winning independent gaming accessories manufacturer, is giving gamers the opportunity to blow away any opposition with the launch of the GC-2 Wireless Controller for PS3.

Designed to enhance gameplay, the GC-2 Wireless Controller features juxtaposed joysticks, as preferred by first person shooter (FPS) gamers, for more natural finger positions and longer gaming sessions. The presence of two rumble motors ensures you feel every collision, explosion and tackle while the turbo function allows for fast and repetitive firing during intense battles.

There’s no need to worry about running out of power as the high quality lithium battery allows for over 100 hours of playing time with a rumble-disabled sleep mode to extend battery life, meaning gamers can battle until they are the last man standing.

Including pressure-sensitive buttons that offer a variety of different movement and actions on the same button, the GC-2 controller also comes armed with high-quality analogue sticks to ensure accurate player movement on screen, making sure you’re always one step ahead of the enemy.

Superior ergonomics including cut out shoulders and a soft touch lower cabinet ensures the profile of the pad fits all hand shapes and makes it more comfortable to hold during extended gameplay, meaning there is no excuse for defeat.

The GC-2 is the latest in a series of products brought to you by Gioteck, the leading third party accessories manufacturer which had the two top-selling wireless third party PS3 pads in 2012 (UK).

The GC-2’s connection to your console is also future-proofed against any changes within Sony’s firmware, as the latest updates can be downloaded straight from should you need them.

The GC-2 not only gives you a competitive edge to take your friends apart, but has a look that will stand out from the crowd with a sleek black finish. Check it out below:

GC-2 controller for PS3

The GC-2 is available now on for $39.99 with more retailers to come. A Wii U version of the GC-2 will be available in the US beginning mid to late April. For more information and to join our mailing list visit

Key features:
2.4Ghz Wireless Connectivity – Simply insert the supplied dongle in a USB port and you will be gaming wire-free in a few seconds
Pressure Sensitive Thumbsticks – Programme one of four different levels of sensitivity to reflect your gaming style. Utilises the best component parts for rotational precision and no deadspots
Ergonomically Designed – For the utmost comfort for hours of gameplay with a tactile silk finish underneath and perfectly weighted rubberized handles
Superior Bumpers – Using state of the art technology for optimal spring loaded feedback.
Dual Vibration Feedback – 2 x rumble motors for more life-like immersive and responsive gameplay
Turbo Functionality – For user programmable rapid fire
Advanced Li-ion Battery – Installed to ensure hours of gameplay and rapid recharging
Auto Powersave – To conserve energy the auto powersave feature shuts down your controller after 5 minutes of inactivity


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