The gaming accessories manufacture, Gioteck has this week announced its new line of headsets designed for the PlayStation 4, which are the first to be unveiled for the PS4, available from November 29th, the same date as the PS4.

The new range will offer an alternative to the official headset from Sony and will include seven separately designed headsets, with a range of price ranges that offer various chat and audio options.

At the top of the line is the EX-06, a wireless headset that offers phono-out sound and can be connected directly to the TV, with another cable connecting to the controller for the mic, and a removable boom microphone. The headset also features an over-ear design with 40mm drivers, a padded adjustable headband and noise cancelling technology.

The EX-06 will be available from December 6th.

The EX-05 is next in line, priced at £40 it isn’t wireless and doesn’t feature a removable microphone, after which there’s the AX-1 wired headset priced at £30, it offers a 180-degree microphone arm and offers individual game and chat volume controls, the HS-1 is a bit more budget design, priced at £20 and the chat only MH-1 and EX3-R are last in line, priced at £20.

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