Earlier this week Twitter announced that they would be shutting down their video sharing service Vine.

This might come as sad news to many users, who have been using the sharing service for a few years now, sharing life experiences and maybe even some important life moments that they might want to keep.

Thankfully, the GIF sharing service GIPHY has come to the rescue, launching a tool that will allow you to convert any of your previous shared Vines into a GIF.

Here’s what they said about the tool:

The Vine community fostered a truly special kind of humor and innovation; GIPHY wants to provide a place for that creativity to live on. That’s why we built a tool for Vine creators who would like to save GIF versions of their personal content library to their GIPHY account — importing each and every Vine they created as a GIF, along with a link to the original Vine and saving the video (sound and all) as the source file. Same loop…new format.

That’s the great thing about the loop: it never ends. Long live the loop.

To use it, you simply need to login or sign up for a GIPHY account and then copy the URL of your Vine profile and GIPHY will begin to covert all of your Vines into GIFs.

You can do that at the source link below.

Source: GIPHY

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