Giphy is well known for their GIFs, it’s a great platform for not only creating them but also finding them.

Today they announced the release of a new app that will make finding them even easier, called Giphy Stickers, it is a new application that allows you to find and use a set of animated stickers.

However, Giphy did not develop this new app alone, it is a result of their acquisition of the existing iOS and Android messaging app Imoji.

Within the rebranded version, you will find some of what previously existed, along with a range of new animated stickers to choose from.

There’s also a new in-app create feature that allows you to create you own animated sticker.

And it’s not just on iOS or Android, you can even find this new sticker collection on Giphy’s own website, but if you do prefer an app, then the source links below are where you want to head on over to.

Sources: iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

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