I can still remember the first day I got my MacBook pro with Retina Display, I had stayed up all night waiting for the moment that it would turn up to my door (yes I am a bit of a tech nut, hence the site name,) and once it did I immediately got into the packaging, took the MacBook out and boom! I had scratched it on the power cord I left on the table.

Back then there weren’t many options to stop something like this from happening, most of them looked horrible or they didn’t provide the needed protection, thankfully that’s different today, and there is one new option that will allow you to protect the precious aluminum of your MacBook, whilst providing a natural wooden design that can be customised with not only the type of wood used but also the design featured on it.

Called Bambooti, the skin is now available to back on Kickstarter with either a mahogany, black ash, bamboo, walnut or cherry design that is just 0.7mm thin and weighs only 60 grams.

All of the materials used to handmake and finish your skin with a vegetable based spray finish are also real wood that has been sourced from sustainable sources,.

And what’s more, it can also have your custom design or logo engraved onto it, and thanks to its use of 3M’s technology, the skin is said to be easy to pull off, adjust or completely remove without leaving residue or damaging the MacBook.

Bambooti has already reached its goal of €10,000, but still has 18 days to go, so if it takes your fancy, be sure to back the project at the source link below.

Anyone who backs €50 or more can pre-order a skin ready for when they ship.

Source: Kickstarter

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