Clocks are boring and they don’t do much other than showing you the time.

glance-clock-calendarThe Glance Clock changes all of that, showing you not only the current time but also a variety of information that you need, at a glance aptly.

It uses a number of LED lights to show that information, which could include data from your calendar, or from a range of other applications.

The makers of the Glance Clock are taking pre-orders for the new clock from today, providing early backers with a huge saving of $100, listing it at $99 for those early pre-orders.

As you can see from the image above the clock has a hidden LED matrix which can be used to display different alerts, today’s weather or other notifications helping you keep your family or life on track.

All the information you need. At a Glance. Glance Clock challenges everything you know about a wall clock. This minimalist timepiece displays information from all your favorite wearables, smart home devices, third party applications and much more. Give some definition to your walls with this smart piece of art.

We do not compromise. Glance Clock comes in a gorgeous design with brilliant functionality and intuitive interface – that makes it an essential part of every interior. Glance Clock’s artful simplicity infuses your home and office with a cold aluminum frame, cozy fabric face and signature style. Glance Clock notifies you right when you need it and lets you set your phone aside.

We equipped Glance Clock with high-quality speaker that delivers clear sound. You can choose to use silent mode or set up various sound alerts. Carefully designed hanging system ensures you can simply and comfortably put the clock on your wall. And thanks to the long and versatile charging cable you can easily plug it to the nearest outlet.

For more information on the new Glance Clock jump over to the official website for details and register using your email address to be eligible for the $99 introductory price, via the link below.

Source: Glance Clock

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