One of the biggest indie games to launch on the PC this year was a simple game called Goat Simulator, a game where the player controls a goat through a number of bizarre activities.

From today users can complete these same activities from both Android and iOS devices, with a new official app being released by the game’s developer Coffee Strain Studios.

This should work well as the game has never really been one which is known for its amazing controls, so these work well on these mobile devices, but this makes it different from most games with a number of bugs, poor physics and a lot of mayhem that makes it to successful game that it has become.

On the mobile version of the game, users will control the game with a virtual joystick alongside a number of buttons for jump, headbutt and grab.

Within the game there’s also a number of objectives and achievements that the player can complete.

Goat Simulator is now available for iOS and Android for $4.99 on both platforms, for which users will be able to grab the game for both phones and tablets.

For Apple devices you will need iOS 6 or higher, and on Android you will need version 4.0.3 or higher.

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