There’s a lot of mobile hotspot cards around but none of which actually come with their own data plans, however the Globalgig does which launched earlier today.

The service which is powered by Voiamo allows users to access the same mobile hotspot data plan whether their in the UK, U.S. or even Australia, prices for which start at £15 a month for 1GB of data, £25 a month for 3GB of data or £35 a month for 5GB of data, however you will have to pay the one-off payment of £79 first.

This all works with deals the company have set up with various carriers, Three in the UK, Sprint in the U.S. and Optus in Australia, which means you don’t actually use roaming data and instead use the localised mobile hotspot service within each territory.

The mobile hotspot itself can be used with five devices at the same time as long as they have a Wi=Fi connection all be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even desktop.

You can find out more at

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