Today GoDaddy announced a huge acquisition stating that they will be acquiring one of their biggest European rivals, Host Europe Group (HEG).

The deal is reported to be worth $1.8 billion, which includes a total of €605 million to HEG’s shareholders, with €1.08 billion for assumed debt. This is a particularly interesting acquisition because of how big Host Europe Group is.

In total HEG has 1.7 million customers throughout Europe with over 7 million domains under its management over a number of services that HEG manage, including 123-REG, Heart Internet, the Paragon Internet Group, and more. Of course, GoDaddy does also have some impressive numbers, with 14.5 million customers and over 63 million domains managed.

GoDaddy aims to expand their service across Europe with this acquisition in order to expand their international offering, which was said to be worth $129.2 million last quarter.

It’s pretty interesting news for anyone who is interested in internet services.

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