Voiamo’s Globalgig service will be going even more global soon, announcing that they recently made deals with carriers in Ireland, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark.

Which is great news for those who want to travel further than the US, UK or… Golbalgig also detailed an 18 month deal that will be available on the service , with no set- up fee the service will now offer a gig of data for $17 a month, or $80 for a 10GB plan.

Or £10 for 1GB of data if you live in the UK.

the service will launch with ZTE hotspot device, allowing for five devices to be connected at once, all gaining speeds of up to 7.2Mbps from the devices 3G connection, which can be accessed from up to 130 feet away.

The service will launch in the new countries from March 13th.

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