Google is literally a few hours away, which of course some of the companies plans are starting to come to light. One of the most recent is an accidental leak of the new Google Maps revamp ahead of it’s presumed unveiling later today.

Droid Life where the first on the scene, noticing a new sign up page for the revamped service, of course the first thing they did was take screenshots, which worked out as the page has now been taken down.

On the page they found a ton of new features to be added to the service, one of the biggest being a new “smart” search box that will hover over map results to show new information that’s relevant to the country, city or even post code you are looking at.

Recommended places will also be added, showing you the best venues you should go to based on the searches you have already made.

Maps will also integrate the Google Earth service, as well as a new Flight Search that will show you the flight path, options, ticket prices and other details.

At the moment that’s all we have, you can check out the link below for a further look, after which you will just have to wait until the unveiling furing Google I/O later today.


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